I want to be a fly on the wall at Apple

It has been interesting watching the build up and launch for the new Apple iPhone. Web sites have been ‘leaking’ the launch date for months, and getting it wrong, and we have been told of the new shape of the phone and its cases even though the body has stayed the same as the iPhone 4.
I’ve always felt the iPhone 4 body was a good design and didn’t need much change so Apple’s decision to keep the same shell for the iPhone 4S but improve what’s in it seems a sensible decision. But (and it is a BIG but) after a longer than usual wait consumers were ready, credit card in hand, to buy a sexy, leading edge iPhone 5 not an iPhone 4S. From a marketing point of view I find the launch of the iPhone 4S rather puzzling, and from Apple’s point of view, very risky.
Coming to the title of this piece, I really would like to have been that fly on the wall at Apple towers so that I could find out WHY they took so long and such a huge risk in going for the ‘sensible’ 4S rather than the sexy, leading edge iPhone 5 that the industry and consumers had expected.