Does your business know why it’s using Social Media?

Many businesses are coming to the conclusion that they need to use Social Media. Not a bad conclusion so well done so far! Or is it well done? The conclusion is probably sound but the reason the business reached it may be less so. Did this ‘need’ to use Social Media arise from a properly developed business case or because someone noticed competitors, customers and business contacts are using Social Media?
In these unplanned cases what happens next is likely to include someone rushing off to sign up for company Twitter and Facebook accounts and an email being sent to key staff asking them to sign up to LinkedIn. You now have a set of accounts but are you clear what you want to achieve from using them and will you be able to measure what you have achieved?
You are unlikely to use this approach in other key areas of your business, you are more likely to define a business strategy and goals then come up with a plan and suitable tools to deliver them. Consider Social Media as one of many tools available to your business and use it where appropriate to help deliver your business plan, don’t use it in isolation to keep up with the pack.

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