Avoiding the sofa and daytime TV

Having left the world of commuting and the 9 to 5 work pattern I now need to ensure that I don’t descend into the greater evil of the sofa and daytime television. My current approach is to identify what I should be doing to achieve, and maintain, physical and mental well-being then make sure I do it! All this is also meant to be interesting and will hopefully generate some income here and there so I need to consider my interests and skills.
I have therefore created a set of high level categories which cover my goals and will keep track of my activity against these categories to see how I am getting on. By keeping track I will also be able to see how useful my categories are and adjust them as appropriate. I suspect I am trying to be too scientific about something that isn’t but that’s part of the challenge; let’s see how it goes!
My first stab at the categories is shown below but if you have any suggestions relating to the categories or the general approach I would appreciate your input.
Categories (in no particular order):
– Exercise. I need to increase my fitness.
– Learning. For business or fun.
– Beer/brewing. I don’t just mean going to pubs!
– Photography. One of my interests.
– IT (Consultancy/Web site programming). Earn some money!
– Social Media. An area I am interested in that will enhance my existing IT skills.
– Human interaction. Not a good idea to spend all my time at home interacting by computer.
– Travel. They say it broadens the mind!
I have realised an activity could fall into multiple categories but I think this is probably an advantage rather than issue. In a few months I may however come to regret these words!

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