Are your Social Media targets realistic?

You are spending time and money on your Social Media but how do you measure if you are getting good value from it? Some companies work on numbers and set targets for their campaigns based on increases in Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter followers, but is this a good idea?
Assuming your business sells cars, you should reasonably expect that as a result of your Social Media campaign you will sell more cars. So, at the end of six months the person responsible for your Social Media campaign happily tells you you have 1,000 more ‘likes’ and 750 more Twitter followers but have you sold more cars? If you have sold more cars can you tell it is due to the Social Media campaign? If you can’t link your sales to the campaign I suggest you set the wrong targets in the first place or set the correct targets but didn’t have the processes in place to link the sales to the Social media exposure – assuming this is even practicable. The moral of today’s tale … Don’t waste your time and money on Social Media if you can’t measure it’s effectiveness!

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